Games for Energy Efficiency Youth Literacy


GENTLY brings together experts from 6 other European countries (Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania and Spain) to offer added value, reclaim international cooperation, and deploy digital tools for informing and educating the youth in a non-formal playful and joyful way on energy efficiency and green deal practices.

The project's main scope is to create an innovative package of games, both board and online, of two levels (easy and professional), and to provide game-based learning to as many as possible young people, youth workers and young people with fewer opportunities. GENTLY's objectives are:

  • To conduct research analysis investigating climate change facts and green deal actions, scoping to energy efficiency maximization and green deal
  • To design, test, and publish an innovative training game package on energy efficiency issues for youth workers, young people and youths with fewer opportunities
  • To deliver training courses related to energy efficiency issues for youth workers
  • To involve companies in professional games by indicating actions for environmental protection

Project Partners

The project partners consist of organisations with complementary backgrounds, experiences and skills. Professionals with relevant knowledge and expertise are collaborating for a common target to facilitate efficient and genuine education of young individuals.


Download the projects results of GENTLY available in English, German, Greek, Hungarian, Lithiuanian, Romanian and Spanish. Discover the project's field research and what young people think are the most pressing issues on climate change facts, green deal actions and energy efficiency maximization. Explore the project's board and digital game designed to make learning about energy efficiency not only informative but also fun.

Read the latest news of the project about the final transnational project meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania and the multiplier events in Cyprus, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Spain, Greece and Romania

Dr. Konstantina Geramani from IN2 presented the project results at the the 9th IAFOR International Conference on Education, which has taken place from 03-07 January 2024. The resulting paper entitled "Game Based Learning for Raising Environmental Consciousness" has been included in the conference proceedings and can be downloaded here.

IN2 presented the project results in an international workshop in the framework of the 7th International Conference on New Trends in Teaching and Education (NTTECONF) on 7 December 2023 in Berlin, Germany.

Download and install the GENTLY Multiplayer Game

The project has developed a multiplayer online game for educating youth people and workers about environmental issues and energy efficiency. Download the respective version for your operating system from the links below:

Once you downloaded the respective package, unzip it and run the executable that is in the folder. Instructions to play are provided in the game.

Project dissemination at the Monserrat Roig School in Elche, Spain

A dissemination event was organised by ACD LA HOYA on 4hth November 2023 in the High School Montserrat Roig in Elche. 19 young people and stakeholders had the opportunity to learn about the GENTLY project and the results it is producing.

The project objectives and aims were introduced, alond with partner and main activities. Furthermore the GENTLY board game was presented and the participants were able to play the Spanish vesion and engage with the related questions.

Dissemination event at Asuncion school, Elche - Spain

ACD LA HOYA carried out a dissemination event on 27th October 2023 in the High School Asuncion in Elche, Spain in order to show them, 22 young people and stakeholders the results of the project and the different materials created during the project.

After a short introduction of the project, its objectives and aims, partners, and main activities, the participants had the opportunity to play the GENTLY board game, reply to the Spanish-related questions and understand how the game was created, which material used and the aim it serves.

GENTLY at the Vocational Education Centre in Elche, Spain

On the 26th October, ACD LA HOYA carried out a dissemination activity of the GENTLY project at the Vocational Education Center in Elche Spain. In total 15 young people and stakeholders participated and they had the opportunity to learn about the GENTLY project, the results it is producing, the project's board game and its main activities.

Project presentation at Academia Ripolles in Elche, Spain

ACD LA HOYA presented the GENTLY project to 24 young people and stakeholders at the Academia Ripolles. The presentation include the project aims and objectives, partners and main activities as well project results, more specifically the project's board game.

Read the latest news of the project about the training event in Thessaloniki, Greece, where young people played and tested the GENTLY board game

Impressions from the first Training event in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Read the project's second newsletter! Click below to read about the latest project achievements and results

Impressions from the 2nd transnational project meeting in Elche, Spain.

The first project newsletter is out! Click below to read about the project's objectives and the kick-off meeting held in Lindau (Bodensee), Germany.

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